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Custom Vintage Stamp Orders

Let's work together to create the vintage postage set of your dreams


1). I require a $50 deposit to begin work on your custom stamp proposal.  The deposit will be applied to your stamp order when you purchase the stamps.  You can purchase the deposit here.

2). Once the deposit has been purchased, I will send you a questionnaire via e-mail that allows me to get to know you, your event, the feeling you want to convey, information about the invitation, and the amount of postage you will need.

3). I will take this information to create a postage proposal that will be sent to you as a digital (PDF) file. The proposal will contain 4-5 options of postage sets for you to choose from.  

4). From the proposal, we will work together to select the perfect assortment of stamps for you.

5). Once the stamps selection is finalized, payment is due, and I will order the stamps.

6). It normally takes 5-7 business days for me to receive the stamps, process them, and get them to you. Sometimes I have the stamps you need in stock, but for large quantities I normally need to order the stamps.

7).  When you receive your order, the stamps will be separated and packaged for you to begin assembly.  I also include assembly information.


* Minimum quantity is 30 sets of stamps.



Read this if you have more questions

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