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Frequently Asked Questions about Vintage Stamps


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What are vintage stamps and what makes them vintage?

Vintage stamps are postage stamps that were printed and sold by the United States Postal Service that are over twenty years old. ​I sell vintage stamps as well as stamps that are less than twenty years old.  I call these "modern" or "current" stamps.

How much do vintage stamps cost?

Vintage stamps cost more than postage stamps you can purchase from the USPS. They are over twenty years old and are no longer being printed or sold by the USPS. They are sold by stamp dealers, collectors, and philatelist alike.  Since there are an finite number of stamps, the cost is driven by supply and demand.  The more in demand the stamp, the higher the price.  Each stamp has it's own price.

How much should I budget for vintage stamps for my wedding invitations?

On average, vintage postage stamps cost 4-7 times their face value.  Floral and wedding stamps cost more since they are in demand!  Due to the high demand for vintage stamps, the cost of vintage stamps have been on the rise.​

Ouch!  Anyway to have vintage stamps on my invitations but not spend an arm and a leg?

Yes there is! There are ways to keep the cost down. I work with my clients to stay within their budgets.   ​

I need a set of vintage stamps for my wedding photographer to use on my wedding day for flat lays and detail shots.  Can you help with this?

Absolutely.  In my shop I have curated sets of stamps that are sold by color palette. These are perfect for photography, but they can also be used as postage!  This is a great way to get a variety of different vintage stamps.​

I am looking for a particular stamp(s) that is not in your shop.

I have lots of stamps that are not listed in my shop, so just ask me here.  If I don't have it, I can try to get it for you.​

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